Citizen Mission Board

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Citizen Mission Board

Post by Professor Pine on Sat Dec 10, 2016 7:29 pm

Mission Board

Citizens complete missions as part of their job. These missions are posted and ranked by their bosses in whatever profession they enlist in. The mission ranks range from 0 to 6, and citizens can only be assigned a mission if their personal rank is the same or higher than the one requested for the job.

Since there is an infinite amount of job possibilities, we can only make a guideline for the mission difficulty. When you take a mission you will have to adapt it to your specific job and post your version of the mission as a reply to this topic. It then need to be checked by Professor Pine (admin) and accepted or corrected for you to be able to do it. Please be patient.

*You can NOT keep the pokemon that you are required to deliver for missions.

There is a specific amount of 300 word posts required per mission. The number varies depending on the difficulty of the mission:

  • Rank 0 Mission - 1 x 300 word Post
  • Rank 1 Mission - 2 x 300 word Posts
  • Rank 2 Mission - 3 x 300 word Posts
  • Rank 3 Mission - 4 x 300 word Posts
  • Rank 4 Mission - 6 x 300 word Posts
  • Rank 5 Mission - 8 x 300 word Posts
  • Rank 6 Mission - 10 x 300 word Posts


Mission: Clean up the shelves
Rank: 0
Profession: Pokemart employee
Location: Mayfly City pokemart
Employer: Bob
Description: Your first job as an Pokemart employee is to clean an re-stack all of the shelves.
Reward: 5 Pokedollars

Mission: Find me some new berries.
Rank: 1
Profession: Berry farmer
Location: Honeybee Village Farmlands
Employer: Farmer Joe
Description: Some of our berry plantations have died during the winter, so go and find me some substitutes. It's up to you how you get them, but make sure you bring me 5 new different types of berries to plant. Be careful, you might run into trouble. (Win a fight against a wild pokemon to grab the berries)
Reward: 10 Pokedollars

Mission: Injured pokemon
Rank: 2
Profession: Pokemon nurse
Location: Moth Town Pokemon Center
Employer: Nurse Joy
Description: A large wild pokemon is said to be injured and in pain on the outskirts of the city. Find it and bring it here so we can treat it please. (Capture a stage 2 pokemon in Moth Town)
Reward: 20 Pokedollars

Mission: Be my nanny
Rank: 3
Profession: Breeder
Location: Aphid City
Employer: Breeder Amy
Description: One of our usual clients has left us an egg and asked us to please help her with the hatching. This seems like a perfect job for you. (manage to hatch an egg)
Reward: 30 Pokedollars

Mission: The egg thief
Rank: 4
Profession: Breeder
Location: Milkweed Village Daycare
Employer: Breeder Joe
Description: Someone has stolen some eggs at night while we were asleep. Please find the thief and get them back. (Fight and defeat a stage 3 pokemon)
Reward: 40 Pokedollars

Mission: Test subjects
Rank: 5
Profession: Pokemart employee
Location: Mayfly City
Employer: We have developed a new type of potion and would like to test it out. How about you go and fight a few wild pokemon and try it out on them? (Fight and defeat 3 wild pokemon to test the potion on them)
Reward: 50 Pokedollars

Mission: Crisis in Aphid City
Rank: 6 (max)
Profession: Pokemon Nurse
Location: Aphid City pokemon center
Employer: Nurse Joy
Description: We're very short handed at the minute, we are going to need some help! Can you find us a new helper and give him a little training session? (Catch a happiny, chansey, blissey or Audino and make sure he has at least 1 exp)
Reward: 70 Pokedollars or a Z stone or Megastone roll or the chance to spawn a legendary.

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