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Researcher Mission Board

Post by Professor Pine on Wed Dec 07, 2016 11:27 pm

Mission Board
Pokemon Researchers

Pokemon Researchers complete missions as part of their job. These missions are posted and ranked by their higher ups. The mission ranks range from 0 to 9, and researchers can only be assigned a mission if their personal rank is the same or higher than the one requested for the job.

As a Researcher you can chose one of the missions displayed here or make up your own, as long as you roleplay it as assigned by the higher ups. If you make up your own try to keep to the difficulties of the ones ranked below. When you make one up you must post it as a reply to this topic and using the format of all the missions mentioned below. They then need to be checked by Professor Pine (admin) and accepted or corrected for you to be able to do it. Please be patient.

*You can NOT keep the pokemon that you are required to deliver for missions.

There is a specific amount of 300 word posts required per mission. The number varies depending on the difficulty of the mission:

  • Rank 0 Mission - 1 x 300 word Post
  • Rank 1 Mission - 2 x 300 word Posts
  • Rank 2 Mission - 3 x 300 word Posts
  • Rank 3 Mission - 4 x 300 word Posts
  • Rank 4 Mission - 5 x 300 word Posts
  • Rank 5 Mission - 6 x 300 word Posts
  • Rank 6 Mission - 7 x 300 word Posts
  • Rank 7 Mission - 8 x 300 word Posts
  • Rank 8 Mission - 9 x 300 word Posts
  • Rank 9 Mission - 10 x 300 word Posts


Mission: A nice clean lab
Rank: 0
Location: Mayfly City Lab
Employer: Professor Ginger
Description: I have finished my research in lab 9 and need someone to clean up the mess. Please make sure that everything is back in its place by the time I'm back tomorrow.
Reward: 5 Pokedollars

Mission: Pokedex construction
Rank: 1
Location: Mayfly City Lab
Employer: Professor Ginger
Description: We need a pair of extra hands to help us with the making of 50 new pokedexes for all the new pokemon trainers that will be arriving tomorrow. You might have to pull an all-nighter!
Reward: 10 Pokedollars

Mission: Intensive studying
Rank: 2
Location: Moth Town Lab
Employer: Professor Maple
Description: Find 3 ghost type pokemon and study their behaviour. (Spawn 3 dark pokemon)
Reward: 15 Pokedollars

Mission: Find me an electric pokemon
Rank: 3
Location: W.A.S.P power plant
Employer: Professor Strawberry
Description: The battery I was using for one of my experiments died out so I need a last minute substitute to power up my machine. (Capture an electric type pokemon)
Reward: 20 Pokedollars

Mission: Eggs, eggs and more eggs
Rank: 4
Location: W.A.S.P power plant
Employer: Professor Strawberry
Description: Study the development of an egg until it hatches. (Get an egg and manage to hatch it)
Reward: 25 Pokedollars

Mission: Get ready for battle!
Rank: 5
Location: Ringlet City
Employer: Professor Sugarbranch
Description: We need to test a new type of potion that also cures status alignments and would therefore like someone to deliver a strong water pokemon to us. (Capture a stage 3 water pokemon)
Reward: 30 Pokedollars

Mission: Evolution in the Evo region
Rank: 6
Location: Aphid City Lab
Employer: Professor Cherry
Description: We want to study the course of evolution in the Evo Region and compare it to far away places like Alola or Kanto. We might find out something spectacular! Please capture a young pokemon and record a detailed study of it's growth and development (Catch a stage 1 pokemon and evolve it).
Reward: 40 Pokedollars

Mission: Ancient times
Rank: 7
Location: Aphid City Lab
Employer: Professor Cherry
Description: Some pokemon have populated this earth for thousands of years and are said to now be extinct. However, I have a report that one of them has been sighted. Find this civilian and gather more information about the matter. We need you to capture one of those pokemon for science! (Find and capture a fossil pokemon)
Reward: 50 Pokedollars

Mission: Taurus throws a tantrum
Rank: 8
Location: Mayfly City Lab
Employer: Professor Ginger
Description: We need a taurus to study some of the components in it's three tails. It would mean an incredible advance for pokemon medicine. Someone needs to catch one (Find and catch a Taurus)
Reward: 70 Pokedollars or a Z stone or Megastone roll

Mission: Studying Kanto
Rank: 9 (max)
Location: W.A.S.P Power Plant
Employer: Professor Pine
Description: The development of the pokedex is advancing quickly, but not as fast as we would like it to. The young trainers we have sent out might need a little asistance. We need someone to find and study 20 pokemon that originated from Kanto and now live here. We need to find out if any of them are too dangerous to be near cities. (Spawn and study 20 pokemon from the Kanto generation)
Reward: 90 pokedollars or the chance to spawn a legendary

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