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Ranger Mission Board

Post by Professor Pine on Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:20 am

Mission Board
Pokemon Rangers

Pokemon Rangers complete missions as part of their job. These missions are posted by citizens all over the region and then checked and ranked by the high ranked Rangers. The mission ranks range from 0 to 9, and rangers can only be assigned a mission if their personal rank is the same or higher than the one requested for the job.

As a Ranger you can chose one of the missions displayed here or make up your own, as long as you roleplay it as assigned by the higher ups or a citizen in need. If you make up your own try to keep to the difficulties of the ones ranked below. When you make one up you must post it as a reply to this topic and using the format of all the missions mentioned below. They then need to be checked by Professor Pine (admin) and accepted or corrected for you to be able to do it. Please be patient.

*You can NOT keep the pokemon that you are required to deliver for missions.

There is a specific amount of 300 word posts required per mission. The number varies depending on the difficulty of the mission:

  • Rank 0 Mission - 1 x 300 word Post
  • Rank 1 Mission - 2 x 300 word Posts
  • Rank 2 Mission - 3 x 300 word Posts
  • Rank 3 Mission - 4 x 300 word Posts
  • Rank 4 Mission - 5 x 300 word Posts
  • Rank 5 Mission - 6 x 300 word Posts
  • Rank 6 Mission - 7 x 300 word Posts
  • Rank 7 Mission - 8 x 300 word Posts
  • Rank 8 Mission - 9 x 300 word Posts
  • Rank 9 Mission - 10 x 300 word Posts


Mission: Distribute 'The Ranger' newspaper
Rank: 0
Location: Mayfly City
Employer: Mayfly City Ranger Base
Description: You must distribute 50 copies of 'The Ranger' in Mayfly City. This is a free newspaper written by rangers that informs the people about what is going on in the area and tells them about the most recent missions the rangers have completed lately.
Reward: 5 Pokedollars

Mission: Help me milk my miltank
Rank: 1
Location: The Milkweed Farmlands
Employer: Farmer Gregory
Description: I have to milk my miltank to keep my farm going, but I have caught a cold. I need someone to milk her in my stead. She's quite nervous and unmanageable but if you befriend her and make her trust you, you shouldn't have any problems.
Reward: 10 Pokedollars

Mission: Find me a plant pokemon
Rank: 2
Location: W.A.S.P power plant
Employer: Professor Ginger
Description: I need someone to bring me a plant pokemon that has an entire chain of evolutions ahead of it (Stage 1 pokemon that can still evolve) for some research purposes. I want to find out how well they would do when placed in an environment full of electric pokemon.
Reward: 15 Pokedollars

Mission: It's time for some gardening
Rank: 3
Location: Honeybee Village
Employer: Citizen Tim
Description: I need someone to take care of all the dead leaves that are currently littering the village. They are ugly and they annoy me. If someone could come over, clean them up into piles and burn them I would be very thankful. (To burn all the leaves you need at least a stage 1 fire pokemon)
Reward: 20 Pokedollars

Mission: Save my sweetheart
Rank: 4
Location: The Speckled Wood
Employer: Citizen Petunia
Description: My darling little Skitty got lost in the woods when we were taking a walk. She's scared of bug pokemon and ran off. Can you please find her and bring her back home? (Skitty is trapped under a tree stump, you will need to use a stage 2 normal type pokemon attack to cut the stump open).
Reward: 25 Pokedollars

Mission: Find me a strong ice pokemon
Rank: 5
Location: Mayfly City
Employer: Mayor John
Description: We have an anual festival starting soon but our main attraction broke down. I need an ice pokemon strong enough to create a constant snowfall over the event grounds. The city will regret it terribly if this event goes wrong. (take a stage 2 ice pokemon to the festival grounds)
Reward: 30 Pokedollars

Mission: Forest Fire!
Rank: 6
Location: Pink Cotton Forest
Employer: Ranger Base
Description: A large forest fire has broken out in the pink cotton forest. We need someone to put it out, but you will need very strong water pokemon in order to do that. (you need two stage 3 water pokemon)
Reward: 40 Pokedollars

Mission: Tumult at Silk City
Rank: 7
Location: Silk City
Employer: Granny Anabel
Description: The pokemon at Silk City have been very restless lately. It pains me to see people around here getting hurt because of them. Could someone please calm them down? It would be great if you could find out what is causing them to behave this way too. (Befriend 5 pokemon at Silk city with a successful die roll).
Reward: 50 Pokedollars

Mission: Through the desert
Rank: 8
Location: Ringlet Desert
Employer: Researcher Monty
Description: I need to cross the desert in order to reach some ancient runis that are rumored to be in the middle of it. I need a ranger to help me overcome any danger and help me survive. (You will need a stage 1 water pokemon, a stage 2 or higher ground pokemon and two stage 3 pokemon of any type)
Reward: 70 Pokedollars or a Z stone or Megastone roll

Mission: Release the pokemon
Rank: 9 (max)
Location: Craggy Pass Mine
Employer: Ranger Base
Description: It has come to our knowledge that Team Viper have been capturing pokemon in the mine and using them for some kind of inhumane experimentation. Please go there and disrupt their plans, releasing all the pokemon they have captured. (Befriend and release 15 pokemon)
Reward: 90 pokedollars or the chance to spawn a legendary

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