Rank 0 - Training

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Rank 0 - Training

Post by Hannibal Motley on Mon Dec 12, 2016 2:01 am

So there I was, picking my nose, chilling out by the community bar, you know, looking busy. Then this stuck up poser trots over to me in his fancy shamnsy clothes and starts waffling. I don’t listen. I’m busy hocking at my nose and trying to look lazy. Eventually this bozo starts knocking his fist on my head. -Hello? Anybody in there?- I let out a hefty “eurgh” and turn my head towards this monkey in a suit with as much attitude as I can muster. -Wot?- I spit, as I chew on some fake gum in my mouth. -You’re being forced to retrain. Boss says your performance so far has been sub standard.- Cheeky blighter. Mind if the boss says it I does it, so after a swift sly headbutt to monkey number one I stick my hands in my pockets and skulk off towards the training rooms.

Sub standard? Pfft. I’ll show them sub standard, I thinks to myself as I shuffle on into the training room and nod towards the training lass. -Oi oi, I’m told I’m gettin’—  -Grunt! Get in line and wipe that blood off your forehead.- I grumble, scuffling next to the bunch of goody two shoes grunts next to me. I swear these guys are about the most irritating bunch of stinkers I ever met. They all look like they have rods shoved up their arses. -Now you lot have been called here because you’re a bunch of slackers. So listen here, you’re all going to pass this physical or you’re going to have to start thinking about how much you’d like to live at the bottom of Sharpedo Cove.- So then this pent up bottle of whatever she is, gets us all to do a bunch of exercise. She’s the kind of woman who’s getting a kick out of it, y’know? So I bust out Koffing, have him smog the dumb cow, and make my escape, only to bump into angry drill sergeants executive. “Now I’m in for it” I think, but this bloke pats me on the back. -Good show grunt. It seems you understand what it is to be a Viper.- Then he slaps five pokedollars in my hand like I’m some child waiting for pocket money then skips off. I look to Koffing, whose lookin’ pleased with himself, shrug, put the fiver in my pocket, then trot off. Think I’ve earned a good long slack.

reward - 5 pokedollars

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Re: Rank 0 - Training

Post by Professor Pine on Mon Dec 12, 2016 12:27 pm


Hannibal recieves 5 pokedollars.

Total of Pokedollars: 55
Please update this on your profile and character sheet.

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