Evo Region Background & Map

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Evo Region Background & Map

Post by Professor Pine on Sun Dec 11, 2016 2:03 am

Welcome to Evo!

The continent of Evo is a vibrant habitat for an astonishingly diverse population of Pokemon. In its North-West you can find Swallowtail City, a bustling, fastly growing, economic powerhouse whose rapid growth has scarred the landscape and shown the extent of humanity's impact on the region. It's polar opposite, Mayfly City, sits in the South-East and is instead a prime example of people and Pokemon living as one. With these two extremes sitting opposite from one another it is no surprise that a mish-mash of thriving environments exist between both. From frozen volcanoes to blistering geysers, from dense forests, to barren deserts, the region really is the host of some of the most extreme examples of environments on the globe, and its odd ability to keep each of these places thriving as independent zones is all the more mind boggling. As such the region has become a rich attraction for scientists and Pokemon enthusiasts alike, with it's diversity being praised across the globe as awe inspiring. 

The Evo region isn't without its problems however. The enigmatic Team Viper have laid claim to the Pokemon of the Evo region, and they seek to induce strange trances on subjects, using their mysterious viper toxin. This has led to unrest in Swallowtail City, which has created somewhat of an environmental disaster in it's haste to become a steel powerhouse, and the Viper Grunts have been causing trouble in and around major landmarks. The crime-spree of Team Viper doesn't stop there however as Silk City, a notorious hub of the criminal underworld, has welcomed the group with open arms, and they now brazenly wander the streets picking fights with anyone brave enough to wander into the crime capital of Evo.

Not all places in Evo are riddled with crime however, the famous Dojos of the traditionalist Ringlet City are a true testament to body over mind and, not far East, lies Mantis Town, a hub of philosophical learning and understanding of Psychic Pokemon. You will find Professor Pine's lab in Honey Bee Village which sits on the border of the Specked Wood, a vast advance of dense shrubbery which is home to buckets full of Bug Pokemon. Within this wood is Milkweed Village, the location of the Bug Gym of the Pokemon league. There are so many varied and expansive environments in the Evo region that researchers from all around consider it a utopia of sorts, a place where you can find any Pokemon you could dream of. Take Aphid City for example, its lush green fields that are incorporated into its open plan design act as somewhat of a safari for grass type Pokemon. This open plan style has been influenced by the input that Pokemon rangers have had in helping found Aphid city.

To the East is Moth town, a natural habitat of a variety of ghost Pokemon, and to its north sits a beautiful pink leaved forest, home to many fairy Pokemon. At the foot of this forest is Cottontail City which is a quaint city which has made welcome the fairy Pokemon that stumble down from the forest.

 It has been proposed by the now famous Professor Pine that the Pokemon of the Evo region are all immigrants. The land is young and the volcano at its centre is thought to have burned itself out in an astonishing time. It is thought that because of the rich lands that Mt.Brimstone created that Pokemon in their thousands have flocked here over many years, and now, more recently, people have as well. 

The Pokemon league of Evo looks now to challenge young trainers and has established a grand finale atop one of the snow peaked islands to the south of Evo. The influx of competitive training in Evo has seen rise to the high tech battle tower, which has elaborate changing arenas to suit multiple battle styles and can be used to keep trainers on their toes by switching up environments mid-battle. With the attention on battling comes also the attention on coordinating, and Pokemon contests weren't to be outdone on Evo. Stardust Island was specifically designed as the grand stage of the Pokemon contest tournament, and upon its sandy shores, sits a grand competition theatre that rivals the outrageousness of battle tower when it comes to special effects.

The few islands that speckle the coast of the Evo region have been put to use, and Team Viper have all but swallowed one up with a vast complex suitable for any set of neerdowells. They even have a submarine.

The Evo regions diversity has thrown its future into the balance. How will all of these vastly different habitats exist harmoniously? Will team Viper turn out to be too much trouble to handle? Is the League just too hard, and will we see trainers leave the region in a furious storm as such? Can competitions really compete here on a global scale? Will the Rangers see this land turned into a paradise for Pokemon? Can researchers stand out from the crowd and really take in all of the data from all of the ripe areas of study? All will be revealed in the region of Evo!

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