Secret bases and homes

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Secret bases and homes

Post by Professor Pine on Sat Dec 10, 2016 11:50 pm

If you want to buy a home, secret base or any other kind of building you must do it here. Once you buy one and specify what location you want the building/base in, an admin will create a section HERE and label it as your property so that you can roleplay there if you want to.

  • HOMES: You can buy a house in any of the Cities, towns and villages in the Evo Region. Homes cost 500 pokedollars each. You can own as many of them as you want to.

  • SECRET BASES: A little room inside a hollow tree, cave, big bush and similar. It can serve as storage area or as a reunion point with friends. Secret bases cost 200 pokedollars.

  • OTHER BUILDINGS: Laboratories, restaurants, banks, hideouts, pokemon centers, daycares... These cost 700 pokedollars each. They have no other function aside from role play.

To buy one of these please post a reply to this topic specifying what you wish to buy, its price and the location where you would like it placed.

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