Pokemart - Buy and sell items

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Pokemart - Buy and sell items

Post by Professor Pine on Wed Dec 07, 2016 12:52 pm


Welcome to the Pokemart! Here you can buy or sell items in exchange for poke dollars. Just answer to this topic specifying the items you wish to buy/sell, their quantity and price. If you want to sell an item, the pokemart will buy it for the same price it is selling it for. More items might also be added later on.

After you have posted a reply to specify what you want to buy or sell, an Admin or a Pokemart employee will have to post another reply confirming the money transfer and revising your maths. Only once that confirmation is posted you can update your money and bag on your character sheet. Never update your money without getting a confirmation first. Some people just suck at maths.


Potion - 10 pokedollars - Restores 10 health points once.
Super Potion - 20 pokedollars - Restores 20 health points once.
Hyper Potion - 40 pokedollars - Restores 40 health points once.
Poke Doll - 30 pokedollars - Allows you to flee any wild pokemon battle without a successful die roll once.
Incubator - 50 pokedollars - Allows you to hatch an egg without a successful die roll once.
Type Change Item - 60 pokedollars - Allows you to change the type of a specific pokemon. Specify which item you want to buy (eg: Rotom needs the 'Electric Fan').
Evolutionary Item - 70 pokedollars - Allows you to evolve a pokemon that evolves with an item if you succeed in the 'evolution' die roll. Specify which item you want to buy (eg: Thunderstone).

Mega stones and Z crystals can be sold here for 70 pokedollars, but can not be bought.

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